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Bloggers Unite i post partecipanti

I post partecipanti a Blogger Unite

Act of Kindness

Bloggers united in acts of kindness

Caro Gesù Bambino ti voglio avvisare…

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Grander than the Bell and the Red Suit
Bloggers Unite
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Scraping Snow To Make Friends
Caring For Family
Let People Know That Someone Loves Them
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Follow your heart and do your best work…
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Cooking Pancakes
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Operation Christmas Child
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Each Minute Passes In Own Life We Must Spend It In Helping Others
Reading Marathon
I made someone today feel warm and human.
Make The World A Better Place
Altruistic Disease
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There Is So Much Good In People
Buzzards Bay Area Habitat For Humanity
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My kindness towards poverty
Animal Rescue Charities
A day at the Senior Citizen Center
Cub Scouts At The Food Bank
A Day In A Camp
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An act of kindness that’s been going on for years

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  1. Grazie per il link! Questo post era una bella esperienza! Mi dispiace se il mio italiano é brutto, sto imparando. Ci vediamo a presto…


  2. Grazie a te jessica. happy to know another nice blog…Your Italian is good and your blog too 🙂

    Il bello di queste cose è che trovi nuovi blog/persone da andare a leggere con piacer.

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